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Let’s Talk Feet


SDY leader & teacher Katie Clark teaches you how to use basic alignment of the feet to expand your body and your practice!! Subscribe to SDY’s channel for more great learn yoga videos!

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Learn Yoga Video


SDY leader & teacher Jennifer Vicari-Cox teaches you how to go from side facing wide leg forward fold to tripod headstand!!

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Bend So You Don’t Break


As humans we understand not everything goes our way 100% of the time. That’s just a given. But as yogis our practice teaches us to bend for balance. Situations arise every day, week, month, and year and our yoga practices help us to get through.

How? Confidence!

It helps us act in our best interest by operating in our highest expression and with an open mind.


Yoga helps us learn a lot about ourselves and how to confront our fears.

Fear to fail and fear to fall.

Face it, when we’re first starting out in yoga we are going to fall, like a lot. But that doesn’t have to stop us. Putting our egos aside, we get back up on the mat and try again! Yes it might be embarrassing, but remember we’ve all been there…

On the floor.

And with each practice, we learn how to balance, and how to hold that pose just so and most importantly, when to breathe. It’s such a basic instinct really. And the beauty of yoga is that it reminds us why it’s so important to breathe and to do it at the proper times.

In life we also fall, and sometimes all the way to the ground. You know, like the well known saying…Rock Bottom.

Can I get a show of hands of how many of you have been there? Same here.

So take all your fears, recognize them and sweat them out. That makes us the people that we are in the future, someone we can be proud of. And while some of those life altering experiences almost broke us, it made us stronger and helped us bend the other way. Even when we were down in the slumps, tears streaming down our faces and holding our broken hearts, somewhere deep down inside, we knew it would get better one day. Because what is life without give and take, but no life at all?

So I give this to you. ♥

While in a physical sense it is good to be able to bend, so as to not hurt ourselves, it is also good to bend mentally. If we allowed ourselves to break, we are not only breaking ourselves but the important ones around us.

So how do we gain that confidence boost?confidence.jpg

Spend time with the ones you love, engage with those in the community, get to know each other and praise one another for all the hard work they put in, big or small. Next time your on a mat, push yourself a little more in that pose you absolutely hate doing because when you conquer that, you can do anything. And when someone next to you finally gets up into a wheel pose all by themselves, celebrate them! Let the world, or room, know that they are a freaken beast! And there, my fellow yogis, is that confidence boost that makes the world go round as well all bend instead of break. ♥

“Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go”. — T.S. Eliot

I bend so I don’t break confidence.

I bend so I don’t break motivation.

I bend so I don’t break relationships.

Why do you bend?


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Get Back to Nature


Yoga means “union”, and when its pared with the great outdoors you are uniting with nature, humanity, and the universe. It can intensify your experience in ways you never even imagined.

The breeze can remind you to deepen your breath, the warm sun can help deepen your poses by making the muscles more flexible, and a butterfly can help you to focus on something small.

just breathe

Maybe that’s why so many poses are named after nature & animals. 

Tree, Cat, Eagle, Dead Bug.


Toss in the natural, uneven surfaces like sand, grass, woodland and now you’ve really got a good time going for you! This will help intensify your posture and build the secondary muscles in your feet, hips, knees, spine, and shoulders.

Doing yoga outside gives off a different vibe verses doing it in the studio. But no matter where you take your mat, always be mindful of your surroundings and be kind to your body.

We do Private Sessions!

Next time you have an itch to do yoga outdoors, take Spotted Dog with you! So whether it’s a group for yoga in the park, bachelorette party, kids birthday, or team building for work, we’ve got you covered.

Request Private Session Here


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Spring Cleaning


Oh, hello Spring. It’s so good to see you again. We have been waiting for you.

The equinox comes twice a year and it symbolizes transition and balance. Uniting.


As we are waking up from our winter slumber, it is time to let go of all the darkness and clutter and clean! We release what feels heavy and clear away all these mental, physical and emotional debris.

Control, anxiety, worthlessness, hurt, boredom, pain, exhaustion.

Just to name a few.

This challenges us to refocus our day to day efforts and reconnect to what matters most to us: goals, dreams, relationships, health and experiences.

How is your health? Are you happy?

How are your relationships? Do you feel connected?

How is your work? Does it feel empowering?

What can you do to be the best you?

Badass new years goals, its time to shine!

Maybe they are goals to enrich your knowledge, how to be a better partner, parent, friend, to take care of yourself, or to express yourself and open up.

And like many people maybe you have lost that connection to those badass goals, or maybe you forgot what they even were!

So when you think of spring and the Spring Equinox, think of your wellbeing, those goals you set months ago and come back to the person that you want to be. Meditate.

Plant the seeds of your hopes and dreams, cleanse the soil to make space and visualize your life in its highest potential-just like the world, when it blossoms into its fullest potential during Spring.


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Fit Dog Challenge Service Edition



The “FIT DOG CHALLENGE” is YOUR chance to jump start your practice in preparation for the holiday season! When life gets crazy, it can be tough to stick to healthy habits. We are here to support you through this challenge as you move through 10 consecutive days of yoga to stay on track!

During this special “FIT DOG CHALLENGE: Service Edition” we are collecting toys and coats for Blue Heart International’s Christmas Toy Drive!



1) Enrollment is FREE! Accept the challenge and sign up at the front desk today!

2) To complete this challenge, you will attend 10 yoga practices during the 10 day time period starting on 12/4/16 and ending on 12/13/16.

3) All classes count toward your challenge total EXCEPT for Restorative.

4) To complete this challenge, you will do 20 leap frogs for EACH of your 10 practices.

5) We will help you keep track of your challenge progress here at the studio, all you have to do is show up!

Sign up at the front desk today!

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