Yoga Tip: Accountability


Hold Yourself Accountable

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Emergency Pack The Van

The Butte fire has displaced more that 600 domestic pets. Most of them are dogs and cats. They are being housed by the animal shelter or other organizations that are assisting the shelter. In efforts to support the shelter and the displaced animals, Spotted Dog Yoga has become a drop off point for animal related donations. Our goal is to pack the SDY Van and deliver the items the morning of Thursday September 17th. 
THANK YOU for your willingness to support our four legged friends.
Pop Up Kennels
Dog and Cat Food
Gallons of water
MONETARY DONATIONS are also being accepted at the studio and will be used to purchase necessary supplies.
Spotted Dog Yoga is open 30 minutes before and after classes for dropoff.


Summertime and Yoga


When I think of summer I think of sleeping in, freedom and Alice Cooper’s hot weather anthem, “School’s Out for Summer.” This season of sunshine and flip flops can be a tough one when it comes to keeping good habits going, including yoga. Because let’s face it – when it’s cold outside, it’s easy to get to a hot yoga class. But on a lazy hot summer day? Well, it can be a challenge.


However summer is one of the best times to stay consistent with your yoga practice. Here are four reasons why:

  1. Consistency is the key to growth. If you want to get better at something, you need consistent practice, right? To move your yoga practice forward, plan a certain number of times you’ll get into the studio each week. That way, come fall you won’t feel like you’re starting all over again.
  2. Better heat tolerance. We live in a hot climate, and when you practice power Vinyasa yoga, you’ll be more acclimated to the heat. I mean who wants to be limited to only air-conditioned environments when the temps go above 90 degrees?
  3. You’ll be a better parent. I hate to admit it, but I semi-dreaded each summer when I stayed home with my kids. The first few weeks were always tough on all of us as we shifted from over-scheduled to the more free-form days. Looking back on it, I think we all would have benefitted from a little bit of structure, and I certainly would have been a better mom with some yoga each week.
  4. You’ll be a better athlete. With summer comes all sorts of fun recreation opportunities. And I guarantee that you will be better at whatever summer sport you choose – whether it’s waterskiing, SUPing or ultimate Frisbee – with a regular yoga practice that’s strengthening and stretching your body and your mind.

So how can we get consistent with our practice during the summer? (So glad you asked!) Here are three ways to ensure you don’t put your yoga practice on hold.

  1. Use the app. Spotted Dog has a nifty app where you can sign up for classes and have a reminder sent to your calendar. This works great for me. If I approach a day thinking, “Oh, I can get to yoga any time” that pretty much means I won’t attend a class. But by scheduling the classes I intend to take, it’s easier to keep that promise to myself.
  2. Let your kids do yoga! What I would have given to have kids yoga classes available when my boys were small. Take advantage of Spotted Dog’s “I Play Yoga” kids classes. It’s a win-win when the parents and the littles are doing yoga, right?
  3. Use your tapas. Sometimes you’ll hear the word tapas used in class. It’s synonymous with fire, heat and discipline. So don’t just use your tapas to stay in a challenging pose. Use it to get to class!

Looking forward to seeing you on the mat,



SEVA DOG classes benefiting Paws For Health


Most of you already know this, but just in case you didn’t, Katie and I named Spotted Dog Yoga after our rescue dog Bandit. We rescued Bandit and life has never been the same!!

Pawsfor Health logo

Tomorrow morning is the start of Spotted Dog Yoga’s SEVA DOG (SAVE-A-DOG) classes. The word “seva” refers to selfless service. SEVA DOG classes are $5 with proceeds going to the SPCA.

Here are 3 reasons why you should check out SEVA DOG classes at Spotted Dog Yoga! 

1) Make A Difference. Spotted Dog Yoga has partnered with The Sacramento SPCA (The Sacramento Society For The Prevention of Cruelty To Animals). The Sacramento SPCA is an independent, local non-profit organization. All proceeds from SEVA DOG classes will go to the SPCA under a specific program called “Paws For Health!”  Want to learn more about the SPCA? Click here to learn more!

2) Experience Spotted Dog Yoga’s Newest Leaders. SEVA DOG classes will be taught by recent graduates of “Light Up!” teacher training (next program starts September 24th, 2015). By attending these classes, not only are you supporting a great cause, but you are supporting amazing local leaders.

3) Practice with PURPOSE and INTENTION! Get excited about yoga and community! Anything is possible when a group of people come together with the intention of making a difference. Spotted Dog Yoga’s SEVA DOG classes are set up so that YOU can hone your skill of practicing with intention.

Get excited about coming to Spotted Dog Yoga, because YOU are making a big difference in this community and on a global scale.

Check out Isaac Brown (a recent graduate of “Light Up” teacher training) and SEVA DOG every Saturday (except the 3rd Saturday of the month) at 11:00AM.

Nick, Katie and Bandit

Why are they touching me? (aka More About Assisting)


As we introduce assistants into our Power Yoga Basics and Power Yoga All classes, you may wonder, “how do they know just what to do to get me deeper into this pose?” or on a more basic level, “why are they touching me?”

Connect: Assistant Program

The assisting program, as with all things Spotted Dog, is carefully crafted to enhance your yoga practice. Assistants complete our 20-hour training and then do practice assisting until they and we are confident in their assisting skills. Only then are they ready to come into a class and assist you.

Assistants are taught to observe the student, listen to the instructor, and then give tools to the student for a more powerful yoga experience. Different assists will be used on each and every student. Let’s say you’re wobbly in dancer pose. (I am wobbly in each and every balancing pose, so this is an easy example to illustrate!) An assistant might stand in front of you and place their palm out for you to stabilize your hand on. With this assist to strengthen the foundation of the pose, you will feel the deep opening in your shoulders and hips that dancer can provide.

If you’re someone with an injury or have an area that is best left untouched, you can just shake your head no and our assistants will respectfully honor your request. We encourage you to stay open to being assisted as it can help you take your practice to a whole new level.

If you’re a SDY regular, you won’t want to miss our Connect: Assistant Program, June 12 – 14. Your yoga practice will be transformed as you gain alignment knowledge and experience a deeper understanding of your own body. This program will give you tools to refine the mastery of direct, powerful, and informative assists.

On a personal note, I completed Connect: Assistant Program with Spotted Dog in November and it was the best assisting program I’ve done. (I’ve taken 3 assisting programs with different studios. What can I say? I love to learn!) Leslie


Final Class At El Dorado Hills Taekwondo

















It sure has been great having the ability to teach yoga and connect our community over the last few months at El Dorado Hills Taekwondo. We are excited to announce that our studio in Folsom is getting ready to open!  Make sure that you purchase your pre-opening membership specials by December 20th as this will be the last day that they are offered.