Family Yoga


Spotted Dog Yoga is a family studio!

Join the Spotted Dog Kids teaching crew every 1st Saturday of the month for Family Yoga! You will connect with your family on a whole new level! FAMILY YOGA IS A BLAST at Spotted Dog Yoga in Folsom, Ca!

Next Family Yoga is on Cinco de Mayo! Saturday May 5th at 3:00 PM.

Sign up today!

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Summer Yoga Body Challenge


The HOTTEST summer challenge is back!

Summer Yoga Body (SYB) is designed to help you create a foundation and stay committed to your yoga practice, especially during the busy months of summer! In the years past SYB has been designated solely to the month of July.

Well this year we are kicking it up a notch!

The challenge begins on May 1st and continues till August. 4 Months of pure summer fun! So who exactly can participate in this challenge? Adults and kids who are looking to amplify their yoga practices.


How do you earn a yoga body? Create consistency.

Why Summer Yoga Body Challenge? It will empower you to create discipline.

Should I do SYB with my kids? Well that’s a no brainer. YES! It offers the opportunity to learn something new and have fun together!

Let’s go Summer Yoga Camp! Well without the camp part.

beach kid yoga.jpg

How about my significant other? Sure drag, I mean bring, them along too! Couples who practice together, stay together.

Don’t believe me? Just ask Nick & Katie.

Aww. ♥

Summer is a great time to catch up with friends. And what better way to do that then next to your bestie on a yoga mat. Plus who doesn’t love a little friendly competition.

See what I did there?

So what exactly does this challenge entail? Adults will commit to the following:

12 Practices/Month

20 Leap Frogs Each Practice

1 Awesome Yoga Body & Mind

Kids commit to the following:

8 I Play Yoga Kids Practices/Month

1 Awesome Yoga Body & Mind

Practicing yoga has been proven time & time again to improve health and happiness. So get ready for an uplifting summer!

Stop by the front desk to sign up for the Summer Yoga Body Challenge. It’s FREE to participate.

See you on your mat ALL summer long!

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Get Back to Nature


Yoga means “union”, and when its pared with the great outdoors you are uniting with nature, humanity, and the universe. It can intensify your experience in ways you never even imagined.

The breeze can remind you to deepen your breath, the warm sun can help deepen your poses by making the muscles more flexible, and a butterfly can help you to focus on something small.

just breathe

Maybe that’s why so many poses are named after nature & animals. 

Tree, Cat, Eagle, Dead Bug.


Toss in the natural, uneven surfaces like sand, grass, woodland and now you’ve really got a good time going for you! This will help intensify your posture and build the secondary muscles in your feet, hips, knees, spine, and shoulders.

Doing yoga outside gives off a different vibe verses doing it in the studio. But no matter where you take your mat, always be mindful of your surroundings and be kind to your body.

We do Private Sessions!

Next time you have an itch to do yoga outdoors, take Spotted Dog with you! So whether it’s a group for yoga in the park, bachelorette party, kids birthday, or team building for work, we’ve got you covered.

Request Private Session Here


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Africa Yoga Project. Handstands, Hugs and Happiness Tour at Spotted Dog Yoga


Join us for a very special evening as we host TWO teachers from the Africa Yoga Project at Spotted Dog Yoga! Admission to this class is $20 and goes directly to support the Africa Yoga Project! A VERY BIG thank you to Baptiste Yoga and Baptiste Yoga San Francisco for making this possible for our community!

Copy of ONeill-Africa-Nov17-Print-049-2

Africa Yoga Project at Spotted Dog Yoga in Folsom, Ca


Hugs, Handstands and Happiness Tour at Spotted Dog Yoga in Folsom, Ca.

Hugs. Handstands. Happiness. We can not think of three other words that describe walking into to the Africa Yoga Project Shine Center, the community based yoga center where hundreds of people practice yoga weekly. in Nairobi, Kenya.

We are very excited to bring the contagious energy, enthusiasm and effectiveness of AYP to Spotted Dog Yoga in Folsom, California.

The Africa Yoga Project  (AYP) transforms the lives of disadvantaged young people through expanding employment in the growing health and wellbeing sector, turning forgotten members of society into role models and community leaders. Drawn from ethnic and regional backgrounds from across Kenya and raised in the informal settlements of Nairobi, AYP teachers reach as many as 6,000 people per week through free outreach classes, and bring positive and transformative messages to communities!


*Please put the name(s) of attendees in the comment bar to reserve your spot!