DON’T MISS! Welcome Dan Nevins to FOLSOM!


This weekend Dan Nevins is teaching and practicing at Spotted Dog Yoga in Folsom, California. Dan Nevins is a professional speaker who has been inspiring audiences around the world with his message of perseverance, resiliency and hope for more than a decade.

Spotted Dog Yoga Co-Founders Nick and Katie Clark have had the opportunity to become great friends of Dan over the past 5 years after meeting him through the Baptiste Yoga Community! Spotted Dog Yoga is the ONLY Baptiste Yoga Affiliate Studio in the Sacramento area.

On this past Wednesday Nick and Katie were invited on set of FOX40 Studio live to SHARE Dan’s story and to promote his events this weekend. CLICK HERE to see the broadcast from Wednesday.


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September 5th: 40 Days To Personal Revolution 




Community Feature! Meet Lena Morton!

Meet Lena Morton (otherwise known as LeeLee, Mommy or Boss)! Lena and her high school sweetheart, Adam, have been together for 15 years and married for 10. They have two wonderful children who are the light of their life, Isabelle (8) and Austin (4). The Morton family also has a beagle named Callie (or Cali-Bunga as the kiddos call her) who is 12 years young, energetic and obsessed with playing fetch. They all love boating, camping, softball/baseball and pretty much anything outdoors…this family is on the go ALL of the time!

Lena is half Lebanese, speaks Arabic, lived in Lebanon for 4 years and loves the culture. She is a registered dental hygienist who LOVES to read and cook. Lena has a bucket list that gets longer every year! She has completed some things on it such as finishing a Tough Mudder Challenge in Tahoe (2016) and running a half marathon (2014).

Lena has been practicing yoga at SDY since July 2016, which has become a newfound LOVE! Her yoga practice has helped feed the balance she was seeking and she also finds herself being PRESENT in each moment, taking each day one at a time and utilizing ujjayi breathing when she is feeling overwhelmed. Lena takes pride in teaching the tools she has been practicing such as patience, presence and PLAY to her children. Both of her children beg her to come to SDY and love exploring what their bodies can do, feeling connected to their inner self, meeting up with old and new friends and being a part of a wonderful community.

Having completed “40 Days to Personal Revolution” several times at SDY, Lena says that the commitment to the program is so minimal in comparison to the awakening you WILL achieve. You will establish a deeper connection to yourself through the tools the program provides and increase your commitment to your weekly practice and taking care of your body (nutrition and mental wellness). Lena is extremely excited to take the next step on her yoga path with “Light Up! Teacher Empowerment Program” starting in October! Her love of yoga began in her FIRST class and she wants to help others achieve this same feeling! Lena believes the program will be life changing and is READY NOW! To anyone who may be on the fence about signing up for either “40 Days to Personal Revolution” or “Light Up! Teacher Empowerment Program,” Lena encourages you to also be READY NOW! Life is too short too wonder about what is possible!

Lena thanks each member of the SDY community for “being you!” Every smile, every hug, every high five and every laugh encourages her to show up with her mat and an open heart! She loves that Baron Baptiste says, “the greatest source of natural power we have available to us is being ourselves,” because this is exactly what she can be at SDY!

We LOVE Lena’s dedication and love for her yoga practice! She brings an element of fun and play to the studio every time she walks in and truly embodies what it means to “LIVE your yoga!”

“Give Up the Need to Know” by Emily Kendall

 The 40 Days to Personal Revolution Program is about to start and I am SO excited. I love this program; gaining a deeper understanding of yoga philosophy, learning and exploring the new habits and practices related to my diet and stress management, not to mention the enhanced camaraderie around the studio! It has changed my life in so many positive ways.
“I don’t have enough time – how can I?” Of course, there is that voice! That one in the back of my head. Typically it doesn’t have anything good to say. You know the one. It creeps into thoughts and says, “You don’t have time for that!” “You aren’t going to make all the meetings, so how can you really succeed?”
During the last 40 Days Program I almost didn’t participate due to business travel for work. The energy was building at the studio with excitement and I was going to sit this one out. The thought of not being 100% available made me feel like a failure, even before the program started.
“Give up the need to know.” A sign I interacted with almost daily after my yoga practice – posted on the exit door of the PLAY HARD room at Spotted Dog Yoga (SDY). This idea was a foreign philosophy. I have spent my nearly 40 years on this earth collecting ALL and everything I can. And I love planning, planning my day, planning my week, planning anything and everything. This sign challenged me, challenged my life long belief to know, to know ALL I possibly can.
Fellow yogis were talking more and more about the upcoming 40 Days Program. I was frustrated, I wanted to sign up too…but how? How can I make it all work? I can’t figure it all out! I can’t plan every detail. Suddenly it hit me like a ton of yoga blocks! I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to participate and commit to my fullest because life was too busy. I was willing to give up without even trying. I couldn’t control where I was going to be and where I was going to eat, I didn’t even want to sign up and see what I could do with my life at this current busy state.
I had to “give up the need to know,” to give up that my participation needed to be all planned out. Suddenly being out of town felt like an opportunity! Yes, I can’t plan for everything but here is a chance to practice. To practice my commitment to self-care even though my schedule is not perfect for it. Life is outside my control and I am going to commit to doing the work with what I have in the present moment.
The perfect time rarely comes when you want it too. Life keeps going – often not as planned.
Yes, travelling and doing the program was challenging at the same time. I missed a meeting and didn’t make it to all the Friday night practices, but I also got to practice at new studios with interesting and fun teachers. The daily meditation practice grounded me in my commitment again and again as a reminder to do the work and balance what I could do with my schedule. The weekly themes gave me new and powerful tools to help me move through any extra unforeseen daily challenges. Plus I had the support of my fellow yogis in this powerful and supportive community at SDY.
It was another life changing experience, I lost weight, tried new recipes, enhanced my yoga practice and shifted my resistance towards meditation. I recommend this program to everyone!
Emily Kendall
Spotted Dog Yoga Teacher

“fit DOG” CHALLENGE: 5 Tips For Success


Do you have what it takes to be a fit DOG? Of course you do! Spotted Dog Yoga is excited to kick off the first 10 day “fit DOG” challenge on November 9th followed up by the second one starting December 7th! These exciting programs have been designed to help you kick start and maintain your yoga practice as you move through the holiday season and into the New Year!

Here are 5 tips to help you and your friends get the most out of your experience:

  1. GET YOUR NAME ON THE DOOR. Sign up at the front desk or on your SDY APP…it’s FREE! Until you do, there is no real proof that you will even show up. Don’t give yourself an excuse, give yourself a reason! P.S. Sign up for both the NOVEMBER AND DECEMBER challenges.
  2. RALLY THE TROOPS. Grab your buds and your family and get them in on it too! Completing a challenge together, or competing in a challenge against each other, is a great way to connect to those that you love most.
  3. REGISTER FOR CLASSES EARLY.  Jump online or onto your SDY APP and schedule your classes early. Once you’ve scheduled them, put reminders on your calendar and don’t look back!
  4. SHARE YOUR PROGRESS AND SUCCESS. Every time that you come to Spotted Dog Yoga, check in on Facebook, snap a photo for Instagram or send out a tweet! Let the world know what a “fit DOG” you are! #fitdogchallenge @spotteddogyoga
  5. DO IT TWICE and STAY CONSISTENT in between.  Finish your 10 day challenge in November, commit to a consistent practice (3-7 times a week) until December 7th, then sign up and complete the December “fit DOG” challenge. Do this to avoid the holiday fitness slump AND propel yourself into 2016 ready for anything!

**WARNING** Completing the “fit Dog” challenges in November and December (while maintaining a consistent practice in between) will prepare you for the healthiest and happiest New Year yet!

fit DOG

Emergency Pack The Van

The Butte fire has displaced more that 600 domestic pets. Most of them are dogs and cats. They are being housed by the animal shelter or other organizations that are assisting the shelter. In efforts to support the shelter and the displaced animals, Spotted Dog Yoga has become a drop off point for animal related donations. Our goal is to pack the SDY Van and deliver the items the morning of Thursday September 17th. 
THANK YOU for your willingness to support our four legged friends.
Pop Up Kennels
Dog and Cat Food
Gallons of water
MONETARY DONATIONS are also being accepted at the studio and will be used to purchase necessary supplies.
Spotted Dog Yoga is open 30 minutes before and after classes for dropoff.