Overcoming Your Fear Of…


Hot Yoga.

How many of you have heard the words “Hot Yoga” and cringed? Why in the world would anyone want to intentionally put themselves in the HEAT!? Better question, why do they go back?

Many people who have never experienced hot yoga usually comment, “I would love to do a yoga class but I can’t handle the heat”.

For the majority of people, regular practice of hot yoga mentally takes them places they have never been before. Now you don’t normally spend your day’s in a 90º room with about 40% humidity, performing edge-pushing postures.

So really, people’s biggest fear isn’t even the heat, it’s the fear of the unknown.

Because out there in the unknown, there’s confusion, room to get hurt, let down, disappointment. But that’s only if you let those things in.

Think about your favorite thing to eat, even if you shouldn’t eat it. Can you remember the first time you tried it? Maybe, maybe not. The point is, that item was a part of the unknown at one point in your life. How did you know you were going to like it? How did you know it wasn’t going to make you sick? You didn’t, but you TRIED IT.

Keyword here, tried!

That’s all you need to do, to give hot yoga a chance before you say you can’t handle the heat. Give it a try!


hot yoga.png

5 Ways To Overcome Your Hot Yoga Fears


1. Embrace The Heat

Studios open 30 minutes before class so get there early to lie down and acclimatize to the heat. Still challenged by the heat? No biggie! Just sit out a few of the postures – what matters most is that you had the courage to attend class.

2.    Believe In Yourself

The mind is powerful; what you think, you become. Yoga won’t only transform your body, it will transform your mind – but you need to enter into it with the strong mindset that you can do it.

3.    Strengthen Your Focus 

Don’t take your thoughts into class. Thinking about work or those errands you have to do isn’t going to contribute anything positive to your practice – the 60 minutes is all about YOU.

4.    Own Your Breath

In all forms of Yoga, emphasis is placed more on the breath than on the postures. It’s important to remember to maintain a slow and steady breath through your nose. Mastering your breath is what’s going to make your practice all the more rewarding and enjoyable.

5.  Prepare Your Body

What you do before and after class affects your overall Yoga experience:

  • You’re going to sweat a lot so make sure you prepare yourself by drinking plenty of water in the days leading up to your first class. And after class, rehydrate yourself with water and electrolytes (coconut water is an excellent source of natural electrolytes).
  • When class is over don’t immediately pick up your mat and bolt for the door. Lie still for a few minutes to allow your body to cool.
  • Don’t jump into a cold shower straight after class; it’s important that your body cools itself down naturally.

The benefits of Yoga are many and endless. In the short term you will sleep better, feel happier and have a more energetic and toned body. And in the long term, you will have overall improved physical and mental health.

If you have told yourself that you “can’t handle the heat”, I hope this has inspired you to strengthen your mind, overcome your fears and give it a try.




Giving Back


Every winter Spotted Dog Yoga pairs up with an organization for a cause! This year we are partnered with Blue Heart International  for their Christmas In The City Event!

You can bring Christmas joy for children infant to 17-years-old by donating a new, unwrapped gift to Spotted Dog Yoga. We will also collect wrapping paper, bows, and tape for our gift-wrapping station and gently used coats for kids!

Families at the event will have an opportunity to shop for free, select a gift for each child in their family and have it fully wrapped and ready for Christmas morning!

As a part of our Fit Dog Service Challenge, participants commit to bringing at least one item to donate for their enrollment.  Sign up at the front desk of SDY and get your yoga of for a purpose this December!


Making an Impact! FLC head coach Donny Ribaudo


At Spotted Dog Yoga, we are inspired when we see individuals or organizations who are making a BIG difference here in our Folsom community! We want you to meet Donny Ribaudo, Folsom Lake College Women’s Soccer Coach and Physical Education & Health Instructor. Donny is originally from Folsom and loves living here because of the ease of taking trips to the beach or mountains, running on all of the amazing trails in and around Folsom and most of all being close to his family here in the Sacramento Valley! Engaged this past spring, Donny spends free time with his fiancé Natalie and their two Bernese Mountain Dogs, Loki and Osha.

Donny was hired on at Folsom Lake College in February of 2013, women’s soccer was the FIRST team sport on campus. FLC now has 9 sports on campus and Donny just started his 5th season with the program. For Donny, the most rewarding part of being the head coach at Folsom Lake is watching the development of the student athletes. The program is focused on academic, athletic and personal development by creating a healthy but competitive environment that breeds success! Donny is very proud of what the program has accomplished in such a short period of time. They have won 4 conference titles in a row and participated in the CCCAA State Tournament 4 years in a row. In 2016, they advanced to the final four and had 8 players earn scholarship for over 113K in grant and aide. Over the last 3 years 18 players moved on to the university level as the program has also excelled in the classroom with a 3.0 average team GPA. Donny recommends FLC for the local student athlete because it’s affordable and you receive priority registration to complete your general education! They focus on developing elite athletes that can compete at the university level. The coaching staff is young, fun, well educated and they put an emphasis on player development.

Donny incorporates yoga into the training for his program by scheduling team sessions at Spotted Dog Yoga. He believes developing range or motion and flexibility is important for all athletes. His athletes have also learned how to maintain focus, balance and self-awareness. The team enjoys stepping away from the soccer field and getting a chance to relax and focus on themselves. It’s great way for the team to manage the stresses of school, soccer and work. Donny is a huge supporter of Spotted Dog Yoga! He appreciates what Nick and Katie have created for the community and loves that the staff is enthusiastic, friendly, and knowledgeable.

Catch a game at FLC! The women’s soccer team plays every Tuesday and Friday. Check out the schedule at flcfalcons.com

Donny Ribaudo Head Coach Women's Soccer Folsom Lake College

Just Call Her SUNSHINE!


You’ve seen her at the front desk…get to know Chantell Trumbull (nickname Sunshine) a little better! She has been married to her wonderful, fun loving husband Shawn for 22 years. The two met on the first day of their freshmen year in the dorm of Whitney Hall at CSU, Chico (they lived on the same floor). Chantell and Shawn have two teenage boys, Jake (17) a senior in high school and Cole (15) a sophomore. When the boys were little they tried a lot of different sports…soccer, little league, lacrosse, basketball…but the two have settled into their favorites, soccer for Jake and crew for Cole. The Trumbull family has two dogs, Murphy a ball and water loving black lab and Oreo a half poodle/half beagle mix called a poogle, otherwise known as the ‘fun police’ as he barks whenever too much fun is being had in the house!

Chantell has been practicing at SDY for ‘1 glorious year’ and loves everything about it because it feels like home! She loves the chill vibe, being with the community, practicing next to her people, making new connections and the support and encouragement we all show one another! You’ll mostly see Chantell practicing in the morning or at noon, though sometimes she likes to have a ‘lazy morning’ and show up later in the afternoon. About a month into her practice at SDY, Chantell mentioned to Nick that if we were looking to hire someone, she would like to be considered. Shortly after, she showed up at SDY for the first interview she has ever gone to in yoga pants!

Since starting her yoga practice, Chantell is more connected to herself and in-tune with her thoughts and feelings. She has become more ‘heart centered’ and open with herself and those around her. Life flows much more smoothly for her this way! She has also learned that she is enough, just as she is. She is doing her best on and off the mat…everyday is different and that is ok! Chantell has participated in our 40 Days to Personal Revolution program twice because she loves getting to know people and getting REAL! She has also completed our Connect: Assistant Program and has discovered that assisting is her new favorite thing! Chantell is now enrolled for our next Light Up! Teacher Empowerment Program beginning in October! She is excited for the program and just KNEW that it was time for her to take this next step. Chantell’s advice for anyone considering the program…“Don’t think, just do!” If your heart is nudging you in a certain direction…GO! Your heart is never wrong.

We appreciate ALL that Chantell does for our SDY community! She is the friendly face you first see when you come in, the excited assistant who can’t wait to see what you can do and just an all around amazing woman!

Yoga + Soccer = One Awesome Event



Join the Sacramento yoga community and The Sacramento Republic FC as we gather for “Yoga On The Pitch” on September 23rd.

4:30PM “YOGA ON THE PITCH” taught by Zach Stahlecker, President and Co-Founder of Yoga Moves Us. Presented by Yoga Moves Us and UC Davis Health


Join us for a family friendly yoga session* before the Sacramento Republic FC match on Sept. 23! Each package is $26 and includes your ticket to the match, access to the Yoga on the Pitch event, a USB-powered fan, a UC Davis Health water bottle, a SRFC towel and a donation to Yoga Moves Us.


PHONE: (916)-990-1720 


FYI: For fans that already have tickets to the match and for Season Ticket Holders, please contact Noah Lennon at (916) 307-6105 or noahalexlennon@gmail.com

*Package purchase required to attend.

40 Days To Personal Revolution September 5th


Baron Baptiste is one of the World’s most beloved Master Yoga Teachers and created the style of yoga that we practice at Spotted Dog Yoga! His teachings inspire us to transform more than body and mind in 40 DAYS TO PERSONAL REVOLUTION…he give us the tools we need to set yourselves free and live the healthful live we’ve always imagined. Through the program you will create a whole new way of being and living!

The impact of our yoga practice can be far greater than just an amazing workout. The same things that we work through on our yoga mats are present in our daily life, we just don’t always make the connection. Consider 40 DAYS TO PERSONAL REVOLUTION your chance to delve into the true power of this yoga practice and create the life you’ve always imagined!

Co-Founders of Spotted Dog Yoga, Nick and Katie Clark, will be leading 40 DAYS TO PERSONAL REVOLUTION. Nick and Katie have been training with Baron Baptiste since 2010. Training with Baron has not only helped them develop their skills as yoga teachers, but has made a significant impact in all areas of their life together. Nick is currently working on his Tier 3 Baptiste certification and serves as a member of the Baptiste Institute certification board, helping to certify teachers all over the world. Katie is currently enrolled in the Baptiste Institutes “Fit To Lead” program is in the process of completing her Tier 2 Baptiste certification.


We meet weekly on TUESDAY EVENINGS FROM 7:30-8:30PM during the program to do inquiry and create community connection. You will also set a goal for your weekly yoga practice and commit to “Homework” consisting of meditation, reading and journaling.

DON’T MISS! Welcome Dan Nevins to FOLSOM!


This weekend Dan Nevins is teaching and practicing at Spotted Dog Yoga in Folsom, California. Dan Nevins is a professional speaker who has been inspiring audiences around the world with his message of perseverance, resiliency and hope for more than a decade.

Spotted Dog Yoga Co-Founders Nick and Katie Clark have had the opportunity to become great friends of Dan over the past 5 years after meeting him through the Baptiste Yoga Community! Spotted Dog Yoga is the ONLY Baptiste Yoga Affiliate Studio in the Sacramento area.

On this past Wednesday Nick and Katie were invited on set of FOX40 Studio live to SHARE Dan’s story and to promote his events this weekend. CLICK HERE to see the broadcast from Wednesday.


Beach Handstand-2.jpg



September 5th: 40 Days To Personal Revolution