3 Year Anniversary and New Years Party!


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Spotted Dog Yoga is excited to celebrate their three year anniversary on New Years weekend 2017-2018! Join this amazing community as we do yoga, jam music, shop, sip and celebrate with the ones we love! This weekend is our BIGGEST sale of the year on yoga merchandise, SDY Swag and class passes!


Saturday December 30th at 9:30am: THE BEST OF SDY 2017

Sunday December 31st at 9:30am: TAKE ME TO CHURCH

Monday January 31st at 9:30am: HAIR OF THE DOG: JIMMY BUFFETT


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“HiiT + Run: Summer Running & Yoga Series!” Week 3!


Gold Country Run + Sport and Spotted Dog Yoga are excited to announce week 3 of our “HiiT + Run: Summer Running & Yoga Series!”

How “HiiT & Run” Works

• A 2 mile run (at your own pace) to a local park.

• 30 minute Power Yoga HiiT class.

A 2 mile run back to the start.

What is HiiT? High Intensity Interval Training (HiiT)

• Dynamic movements for 30 second intervals

Between Dynamic movements, rest with a traditional yoga stretch

• Increase your metabolism, strengthen your heart, regulate

blood sugar levels, and burn more calories!

What To Bring

• Running shoes

• Comfortable workout clothes

• Water (We will have water for you at the half way point)

Upcoming Event

Meet in the parking lot in front of Folsom Tap House

25005 Blue Ravine Rd Ste 140, Folsom, CA 95630.

We will run along the Humbug Creek trail. 

HiiT will be done at Phillip C. Cohn Park in Folsom

More Information

Spotted Dog Yoga 916-990-1720

Gold Country Run + Sport 916-303-4786

Half-Pigeon? Help! By: Rachel Camero

How using a block has changed my half-pigeon experience.

For the last 2 months or so, I’ve taken to using a block for support when I enter into half-pigeon.  At first, I was doing this to relieve pressure on an injured knee, but as the weeks rolled by and I used the block consistently, I came upon new territory with the pose.

I still remember my first time so vividly!  About 17 years ago  I was in a “stretching” class at my martial arts studio (I now know that this class was actually a yoga class).  When the teacher asked us to square our front shins to the mat and fold forward I had a distinct inner dialogue of “What the ___?  Is he crazy?”  My knee hovered about 12 inches off the ground and I looked around wondering why no one else was freaking out!  Over time I learned to pull my foot in closer to my groin which enabled me to relax my knee to the floor and actually fold forward. YES!  I made it into half-pigeon!

A few years later I had graduated to taking yoga classes at my local sports club.  One Saturday morning, as the teacher described how to come into half-pigeon, my ego took hold.  I was determined to make shin parallel to the front of my mat and sink into my hip.  I was a martial artist, a lifelong athlete, and darnit… I should be able to do this!  I forced my body into the shape and…. POP!  Something deep within my hip had made it clear that I was not caring for my body.  The injury was bad, and removed me from my beloved running.

After months of rehab and still not returning to the trail, I felt deteriorated, depressed and needed an athletic outlet.  One day while driving home from work, I swerved into the parking lot of a local yoga studio I had passed many times.  I signed up in an act of desperation!  After one class I was hooked!

Now, after years of practicing in a heated yoga studio with knowledgeable teachers, I’ve learned to care for my body and allow it to open up over time.  I now can come into half-pigeon and get my hips squared to the floor and sink in.  BUT… not with my shin square to the front of my mat.  And I carry so much protective tension in my body.

Here is where the block comes in!


Block on medium setting with toes tucked under.


Block on lower setting.


Hips and shoulders square.

I’ve discovered that I can truly bring my front foot into true north alignment.  By this I mean it is parallel with the front of my mat.  My hips are more square to the floor and front of my mat.  I can keep my back leg engaged and bring ease to the rest of my body that was previously tensed up to prevent depth in my hips that could injure me.

All of this physical integrity and alignment is great, but how does it feel?  Well, I’ve never felt such a productive stretch all the way down my IT Band.  From hip to knee my leg is opening and able to release into the pose in a new way.  There is WAY less pressure on my front knee which removes so much of the emotional stress that can come up with this intense pose.  I am making progress toward being able to truly come into this pose without a block, and I’m ok with the fact that I don’t ever HAVE to!

My recommendation to any yogi at any level is to give this a try.  Let this option work on you for a few weeks and see what you discover?  Like everything in yoga, the benefit comes through repetition and consistency.  Trying it once may not give you a ground breaking shift.  Over time, however, you may notice access to opening that promotes new possibility.

Tip:  Bring the block under your hip starting on the toaster setting. Square your shin to the front of your mat.  Activate your back leg with your toes tucked under.  After several breaths lower to the shortest block setting.  After several more breaths, who knows?  You may be ready for no block!  The possibilities are endless!

See you at “The Dog!”
Rachel Camero
SDY Teacher

Beyond the Noise


In the world today it isn’t that often that we find the time to slow down, unplug, and connect.  As a society, we are constantly overstimulated by external noise, leaving little time to actually hear what’s going on inside. Your yoga practice is meant to provide you the space to connect and listen, not to be just another form of distraction.

Spotted Dog Yoga was created as a special space for you to re-connect to yourself and to build relationships with other people in this amazing community. The culture here reflects the experiences that Katie and I have had on our yoga mats and in our lives over the last 6 years. When we first started our journey with yoga, we only taught and practiced with music. After years of playing music in all of my classes, I had a breakthrough and observed that I was using the noise of the music as a way to hide from my students. My biggest concern was my music, not connecting with others, and I was spending more time putting together playlists than working on myself. Yoga teachers and practitioners alike can easily use the practice of yoga as just another way to distract themselves and disconnect. Sometimes we do this without awareness as a result of an internal fear that we might feel or discover something about ourselves that we’ve been trying to hide.

Through our training with the Baptiste Institute and our commitment to this practice at Spotted Dog Yoga, Katie and I discovered where we had previously been hiding as teachers and have taken on a new way of teaching and being. It was a big shift for me personally to stop playing music in my classes and simply hold space for myself and others. Since we made this shift, however, I have found more peace within myself, gained confidence in who I am, and developed real connections with others. I am no longer hiding behind the noise and I invite you to do the same. It is possible for all of us to gain insight into who we are simply by giving ourselves the space to listen.

When you roll out your yoga mat at Spotted Dog Yoga, you invite the possibility of big breakthroughs simply by creating the time to be present and listen. Below, discover three reasons why the majority of classes at Spotted Dog Yoga are taught without music.

  1. Your Practice is a Moving Meditation.  Gaining access to the present moment can be as simple as listening to your breath and focusing your eyes. However, simple doesn’t mean easy. Your yoga practice will constantly push you to your limits and test your ability to remain present and calm throughout a class. Practicing in a noise free space allows us to actually hear our breath, which also helps with our practice of drishti (focused gaze). Your breath and drishti throughout a practice will help you build mental fortitude and create awareness around the distractions you create for yourself on the mat.unspecified
  2. Observe Your Thoughts. When we take out external noise and distraction, we are able to notice our internal dialogue. Once you have created awareness around your thoughts and reactions, YOU have the ability to choose whether they are serving you or not. This new-found awareness creates the possibility of shift in your thoughts and in your life! How you do anything is how you do everything…your yoga practice will give you direct insight into how you are being and where you can grow.
  3. Cultivate Connection. When music is played during a yoga practice, it can very easily be an “out” for us so that we don’t have to feel what is coming up. Our style of teaching  at Spotted Dog Yoga causes us, both as teacher and practitioner, to do the work necessary to create shift on and off the mat because there is nowhere to hide. Through this practice, you will gain a deeper understanding of who you are and what you stand for so that you can share yourself more powerfully with others. Your ability to create authentic connections with others requires that you first understand yourself in a real way.

Looking forward to seeing you at “The Dog!”




Spotted Dog Yoga has a lot of great workshops coming up this summer! Click Here to learn more about what is going on at SDY! 

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Upgrade Your Yoga Experience


Choosing the right yoga mat and yoga accessories will make a huge difference for you and your yoga practice.  If you haven’t already noticed, at Spotted Dog Yoga, we are BIG fans of Manduka brand mats and mat towels.

Here are 3 reasons why selecting a Manduka brand mat will enhance your yoga experience for years to come:

  1. Lifetime Warranty*. After purchasing your Manduka Pro or Manduka Pro Light mat, get excited about the fact that you will have it for life! You will like it so much that you may end up buying another color! *The lifetime warranty for Manduka mats is available if the mat is purchased from an authorized dealer like Spotted Dog Yoga!
  2. Thickness and Density. Sore joints? These mats give you the ultimate balance of softness and firm to protect your joints. Breaking in these mats is a whole lot like breaking in a pair of running shoes. Over time you will notice that they get better and better.
  3. Non Absorbant.  Let’s face it, when you are doing hot yoga, you are going to sweat a lot.  Imagine if your yoga mat collected all of that sweat over a long period of time.  Then imagine breathing deeply in and out of your nose directly over the accumulated sweat.  Enough said!  Manduka mats are non absorbent and easy to clean so that every time that you jump on your mat, you’re assured a stink free ride.

When you start to sweat you are going to want to grab a Yogitoes or Equa mat towel!  A mat towel is light weight and non slip to give you extra grip when you start to sweat. Yogitoes and Equa mat towels are most effective when you slide them over the top of a wet yoga mat.

During your introductory period at Spotted Dog Yoga, you’ll have the opportunity to ride a rental Manduka yoga mat for free!  Also, for your very first class, enjoy a free mat towel rental on us!

After your first class, we recommend that you purchase a mat towel or two, but if you aren’t ready to purchase we also rent them for $4.00 per visit.

Don’t want the extra laundry?  Add on towel service to your membership!  For $15.00 extra per month, you get one each hand towel, bath towel, and mat towel per visit to the DOG!

Sun Salutations


Sun Salutation A and Sun Salutation B are a combination of poses that provide the perfect formula for re-awakening your body and clearing your mind. Once you settle onto your mat, these rhythmic and repetitive movements will increase your flexibility as you build heat and generate shift in your body! Over time, your body will start to crave the rhythm and energetic feeling that these movements bring.

Here are 2 reasons why Sun Salutations work every single time:

1) Slowly Building Heat. Sun Salutation A is a simpler combination of movements that is designed to slowly increase your flexibility while helping you generate breath and connection to your body. After a few rounds of Sun Salutation A, when the breath of the class really gets pumping, Sun Salutation B is introduced as a way to build an inner fire while targeting different muscles & parts of the body that are traditionally tight.

2. Thirsty for Rhythm. Think for a moment about a time in your life when you were in rhythm…and remember how good it felt! From day to day and week to week, amongst all of the things that are happening in our lives, one of the most valuable things we can do for our sanity is to be a creation for rhythm. Sun Salutation A’s and B’s will bring your body and your breath into sync and re-awaken your dormant energy.

WATCH: Sun Salutation A and Sun Salutation B.


Current “Light Up!’ Empowerment Program Leaders in each pose of Sun Salutation B!

Today is the day that you re-awaken your body again!  Swing in to Spotted Dog Yoga today for your daily dose of “feel good” yoga!

Deepen your understanding of yoga and SIGN UP for “LEARN YOGA” today!  This 6 session series that is guaranteed to give you the tools to build and take your practice to the next level!



Teacher Training Essentials


Nick and Katie, assisted by Dawn, will be leading a new group of students through the “Light Up!” 200 Hour Teacher Training, starting on September 24th. I completed teacher training through Spotted Dog Yoga in April this year and it was one of the best things I’ve ever done. Here are a few thoughts on being prepared for teacher training.


  1. Have a regular yoga practice. I hadn’t practiced yoga consistently in more than a year when I started teacher training. This was not ideal (sarcasm, understatement). A foundation of 3 to 5 classes per week will help you withstand the physical rigors of the training program.
  2. Get comfortable with not knowing. Teacher training is designed to challenge you and to disrupt business as usual. So don’t be surprised when you find yourself out – way out – of your comfort zone.
  3. Find deodorant that works. You’ll be sweating a lot in close proximity with other yogis. A great deodorant will make you smell, if not great, at least less bad.
  4. Prep quick healthy snacks. Breaks are often short and have to be used for many purposes, and bringing snacks means you’ll never have to choose between a shower or food when you’re dying for both.
  5. Trust the process. You’re in great hands at Spotted Dog and even when things feel tough and you don’t think you can go on, remember that you are stronger than you know, and that everybody guiding you through has been in your shoes.

I’ll never regret doing teacher training. If you’re considering it, just do it. Even if you don’t think you’ll ever teach. Even if you’re not sure you’re strong enough. You’ll be amazed at who you can become at the end of the journey.

See you on the mat!


Owner/Blogger Leslie Gandy Yoga and Fitness

Leslie Gandy