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SDY leader & teacher Jennifer Vicari-Cox teaches you how to go from side facing wide leg forward fold to tripod headstand!!

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Family Yoga


Spotted Dog Yoga is a family studio!

Join the Spotted Dog Kids teaching crew every 1st Saturday of the month for Family Yoga! You will connect with your family on a whole new level! FAMILY YOGA IS A BLAST at Spotted Dog Yoga in Folsom, Ca!

Next Family Yoga is on Cinco de Mayo! Saturday May 5th at 3:00 PM.

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Learn Yoga Video Series: Flip Dog to Wheel Pose


Join SDY leader & teacher Lena Morton as she teaches you how to go from flip dog into wheel pose. Check the SDY schedule and join Lena for a class today! Your first class is ALWAYS free at Spotted Dog Yoga in Folsom, Ca.

Bend So You Don’t Break


As humans we understand not everything goes our way 100% of the time. That’s just a given. But as yogis our practice teaches us to bend for balance. Situations arise every day, week, month, and year and our yoga practices help us to get through.

How? Confidence!

It helps us act in our best interest by operating in our highest expression and with an open mind.


Yoga helps us learn a lot about ourselves and how to confront our fears.

Fear to fail and fear to fall.

Face it, when we’re first starting out in yoga we are going to fall, like a lot. But that doesn’t have to stop us. Putting our egos aside, we get back up on the mat and try again! Yes it might be embarrassing, but remember we’ve all been there…

On the floor.

And with each practice, we learn how to balance, and how to hold that pose just so and most importantly, when to breathe. It’s such a basic instinct really. And the beauty of yoga is that it reminds us why it’s so important to breathe and to do it at the proper times.

In life we also fall, and sometimes all the way to the ground. You know, like the well known saying…Rock Bottom.

Can I get a show of hands of how many of you have been there? Same here.

So take all your fears, recognize them and sweat them out. That makes us the people that we are in the future, someone we can be proud of. And while some of those life altering experiences almost broke us, it made us stronger and helped us bend the other way. Even when we were down in the slumps, tears streaming down our faces and holding our broken hearts, somewhere deep down inside, we knew it would get better one day. Because what is life without give and take, but no life at all?

So I give this to you. ♥

While in a physical sense it is good to be able to bend, so as to not hurt ourselves, it is also good to bend mentally. If we allowed ourselves to break, we are not only breaking ourselves but the important ones around us.

So how do we gain that confidence boost?confidence.jpg

Spend time with the ones you love, engage with those in the community, get to know each other and praise one another for all the hard work they put in, big or small. Next time your on a mat, push yourself a little more in that pose you absolutely hate doing because when you conquer that, you can do anything. And when someone next to you finally gets up into a wheel pose all by themselves, celebrate them! Let the world, or room, know that they are a freaken beast! And there, my fellow yogis, is that confidence boost that makes the world go round as well all bend instead of break. ♥

“Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go”. — T.S. Eliot

I bend so I don’t break confidence.

I bend so I don’t break motivation.

I bend so I don’t break relationships.

Why do you bend?


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Summer Yoga Body Challenge


The HOTTEST summer challenge is back!

Summer Yoga Body (SYB) is designed to help you create a foundation and stay committed to your yoga practice, especially during the busy months of summer! In the years past SYB has been designated solely to the month of July.

Well this year we are kicking it up a notch!

The challenge begins on May 1st and continues till August. 4 Months of pure summer fun! So who exactly can participate in this challenge? Adults and kids who are looking to amplify their yoga practices.


How do you earn a yoga body? Create consistency.

Why Summer Yoga Body Challenge? It will empower you to create discipline.

Should I do SYB with my kids? Well that’s a no brainer. YES! It offers the opportunity to learn something new and have fun together!

Let’s go Summer Yoga Camp! Well without the camp part.

beach kid yoga.jpg

How about my significant other? Sure drag, I mean bring, them along too! Couples who practice together, stay together.

Don’t believe me? Just ask Nick & Katie.

Aww. ♥

Summer is a great time to catch up with friends. And what better way to do that then next to your bestie on a yoga mat. Plus who doesn’t love a little friendly competition.

See what I did there?

So what exactly does this challenge entail? Adults will commit to the following:

12 Practices/Month

20 Leap Frogs Each Practice

1 Awesome Yoga Body & Mind

Kids commit to the following:

8 I Play Yoga Kids Practices/Month

1 Awesome Yoga Body & Mind

Practicing yoga has been proven time & time again to improve health and happiness. So get ready for an uplifting summer!

Stop by the front desk to sign up for the Summer Yoga Body Challenge. It’s FREE to participate.

See you on your mat ALL summer long!

beach wheel.jpg



Get Back to Nature


Yoga means “union”, and when its pared with the great outdoors you are uniting with nature, humanity, and the universe. It can intensify your experience in ways you never even imagined.

The breeze can remind you to deepen your breath, the warm sun can help deepen your poses by making the muscles more flexible, and a butterfly can help you to focus on something small.

just breathe

Maybe that’s why so many poses are named after nature & animals. 

Tree, Cat, Eagle, Dead Bug.


Toss in the natural, uneven surfaces like sand, grass, woodland and now you’ve really got a good time going for you! This will help intensify your posture and build the secondary muscles in your feet, hips, knees, spine, and shoulders.

Doing yoga outside gives off a different vibe verses doing it in the studio. But no matter where you take your mat, always be mindful of your surroundings and be kind to your body.

We do Private Sessions!

Next time you have an itch to do yoga outdoors, take Spotted Dog with you! So whether it’s a group for yoga in the park, bachelorette party, kids birthday, or team building for work, we’ve got you covered.

Request Private Session Here


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Spotted Dog is Eco-Friendly!


Here at Spotted Dog Yoga we pride ourselves on being an Eco-Friendly yoga studio. Just how friendly are we? Glad you asked.

When you first step foot into the studio, what is the first thing you notice? Well the floor of course! Our floors are made from anti-microbial, water resistant, easy to clean, recycled materials. (An ANTIMICROBIAL is any substance of natural, semisynthetic or synthetic origin that kills or inhibits the growth of microorganisms but causes little or no damage to the host.)

In other words, our floors are less likely to get icky.

Your Welcome.

What about ALL that heat!? Don’t worry, at Spotted Dog the heat is evenly distributed throughout the room with special ducting, the humidity and heat levels are controllable to our specific settings. Also, our rooms are specially insulated so that our heating system will be efficient and help us conserve energy!

Phew, what a relief.

We are committed to conserving energy and reducing paper waste. Our studio is “lit up” using only LED light bulbs, lowering energy usage significantly! Can’t find any paper towels in the bathroom? We provide cotton hand towels to help eliminate paper in the land fills.

Don’t worry, the toilet paper isn’t recycled!

We encourage you to bring a refillable water bottle with you to the studio and “fill up” at our hydro station. To date, Spotted Dog Yoga has helped eliminate waste from 59,327 disposable plastic bottles!


Come join us at Spotted Dog Yoga and let’s be Eco-Friendly together!


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