The Hala Difference

You’ve seen your friends post their SUP pictures. You’ve heard about how fun a SUP Dog adventure is. Now, you’ve decided its finally time for you to get a stand up inflatable paddle board…but there are SO many choices, how do you pick the right board for you?

At Spotted Dog we specialize in Hala brand gear. Yes, there are less expensive boards. You can find a board at practically any store in town. However, you know the saying you get what you pay for? Hala may cost more than a Costco SUP board, but a Hala board is more than worth the investment.

From the Straight Up which is perfect for newbies, and the Asana whose wider build makes it perfect for SUP yoga, to the Atcha made for river adventures, Hala has the perfect paddle board for anyone. Hala boards come with an adjustable carbon paddle, a rolling backpack, a hand pump, and even a repair kit.

Hala stand up paddle boards are simply built better. Hala’s Thick Fusion Construction™ creates a board that can tackle river use while still being lighter that most SUP boards. With Hala’s Carbon Construction™ SUPs, you’ll get an inflatable paddle board that performs like a hardboard. Hala boards are lightweight, durable, and it’s this attention to every detail that allows Hala to offer an industry-leading 5 year warranty!

Join Spotted Dog for a SUP adventure or mini-adventure this season, and experience the Hala SUP difference for yourself. Happy Paddling!

Call or Text Spotted Dog Yoga & SUP for information or a private paddle board consultation! 1-916-990-1720


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