Getting unstuck – 200 Hour Teacher Training Begins May 1st

I completed my 200 hour Yoga teacher Training in February 2018. That same month I turned sixty-two. Becoming a yoga teacher was not on my bucket list, it was never even on my horizon, and yet here I was. I entered the Light Up Teacher Training program to become a yoga teacher. The training program gave me so much more than skills to teach. It humbled me and it elevated me as I discovered hidden strength in my body and my heart. I opened myself to emotional pain and emotional healing. At sixty-two I thought I knew my biases, my values, my blind spots and myself. But what I discovered is there was so much more to know. I had become stuck and did not realize it. I had let my chronological age define me. I had stopped growing. Teacher Training changed all that. Nothing about life is static or predefined. I am the source of whatever I create in my life Teacher training unstuck me.
Through Teacher Training, yoga became more than an exercise to move, and stretch my body. It moved the very horizon of my world wide open. It stretched my understanding of myself and others as I dropped what I thought I knew about people and began to be with them, speak with them and listen to them.
The changes the training created in me are not visible. I did not drop 30 pounds, or become a vegan, or stop drinking wine, but I feel more alive and more complete, and dare I say- more authentic than I have been in years. Honesty and integrity have become part of my core, not just words I use to describe my actions. They are truths I live. And it’s not easy. I practice everyday.
What I have learned above all else through Teacher Training is that life is all about showing up every day and doing the work. Whatever that might be: relationships, career, or one’s passion. Nothing happens without work. But with work life is open to endless possibilities for love and growth and happiness.
Light It Up and Live Lit!

Love, Find joy, Be present.

The Next Teacher Training Begins May 1st

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