Student Recommended

“I recommend the teacher training program for those interested in expanding their yoga practice; for anyone wanting to connect more deeply with the SDY community; and for those individuals who want to grow personally in all aspects of their life.

Prior to the training, I had recognized that my life was on autopilot: just going through the motions of yoga; walking the dog without ‘smelling the flowers’; but more importantly, not connecting within my relationships with family and friends.

Through inquiry and a re-evaluation of my being, I came to understand how I would like the priorities in my life to be and how I wanted to express them to others. I have become more present in my relationships. I have embraced myself for who I am and who I am not. I work to create a positive energy for those in the community.

This experience has been the catalyst for how I want to live this new chapter of my life”.

-Glenn Bisquera

Recent Teacher Training and Mentor Program graduate


Spotted Dog Yoga’s “LIGHT UP!” is a unique and exciting 200 Hour Teacher Empowerment Program offered one time each year at Spotted Dog Yoga where you will learn to share yourself powerfully and authentically! Whether you’re interested in becoming a yoga teacher or not, this program was designed to empower YOU to be a fearless and bold leader.

Program begins October 12th, 2019

Teacher Training Information


Play Hard Learn Big

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