Benefits of Mommy & Me Yoga

Better rest, increased flexibility, happy baby. Yes, yoga can give you ALL three!

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New baby means new schedule, new routine and less time to focus on health. It’s really important to find an exercise that is both gentle on your healing body, yet exciting enough so you don’t fall asleep.

You know, because of the lack of sleep and all.

“We recommend baby yoga for anyone who is looking for a healthy, playful bonding activity to do with a new baby,” says Lauren Chaitoff, co-owner of New York City children’s yoga studio Yogi Beans and contributor to Yoga Dork.

Nine benefits of Baby Yoga, in case you weren’t already convinced.

1. It’s a Great Bonding Experience With Your Baby

Mom and baby programs focus on both of you. Traditional yoga poses are modified so moms can practice yoga while holding and rocking their babies. The result is time dedicated to bonding.

2. You’ll Be Able to Ease Back Into Yoga

Unlike high-level adult yoga classes that kick ass, mommy & me yoga acknowledges the changes that a new mom’s body has been through.

3. It’s Great for Emotional Well-Being

Becoming a parent can be stressful, and yoga can help ease new-parent jitters. It will also give moms and dads the opportunity to nourish and care for their own bodies through focused stretches and mindful breathing exercises.

4. It Can Aid in Digestion for Baby

The poses and movements chosen for baby yoga are not done at random. The movements can help fussy little ones begin to calm down as they are dealing with things such as colic.

5. It Can Help Baby Sleep Better

What is something any new parent wants? MORE SLEEP! The class experience can be just the right amount of stimulation they need to help them sleep for longer stretches of time.


6. It Keeps Baby Happy Through Repetitive, Soothing Motions

Most babies enjoy movement, so the class is different from a traditional yoga class in that the majority of the class in constant motion without holding one pose for too long. Babies can just roll all over that mat if they really wanted to!

7. It Establishes Long-Term Exercise Habits for Baby

Beginning with a strong foundation encourages your little one to normalize exercise as they grow. One of the greatest benefits your baby can gain, is the joy of a healthy lifestyle from the youngest of age.

8. It’s a Safe, Welcoming Environment

Many new moms are worried about taking their little bundle of joy out because of feeding concerns, noise or diaper changes. During the class, all of that is encouraged! The objective is to create an inclusive environment and a mutually bonding experience for new parents and their babies. So don’t feel bad if your baby cries during class. Taking care of your child is the first priority.

9.You Can Meet Other New Moms

Since it’s a class that is solely geared for new parents and their babies, you’ll be at the perfect place for meeting other moms. Hang around after class for a few minutes to talk about your favorite poses or share parenting advice with your new friends!

So grab that yoga mat and join us for Mommy & Me classes starting June 4th @ 9:30 AM. Your body and your baby will thank you!


Mommy & Me Yoga At Spotted Dog VIDEO

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Spotted Dog Yoga

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