Spotted Dog is Eco-Friendly!

Here at Spotted Dog Yoga we pride ourselves on being an Eco-Friendly yoga studio. Just how friendly are we? Glad you asked.

When you first step foot into the studio, what is the first thing you notice? Well the floor of course! Our floors are made from anti-microbial, water resistant, easy to clean, recycled materials. (An ANTIMICROBIAL is any substance of natural, semisynthetic or synthetic origin that kills or inhibits the growth of microorganisms but causes little or no damage to the host.)

In other words, our floors are less likely to get icky.

Your Welcome.

What about ALL that heat!? Don’t worry, at Spotted Dog the heat is evenly distributed throughout the room with special ducting, the humidity and heat levels are controllable to our specific settings. Also, our rooms are specially insulated so that our heating system will be efficient and help us conserve energy!

Phew, what a relief.

We are committed to conserving energy and reducing paper waste. Our studio is “lit up” using only LED light bulbs, lowering energy usage significantly! Can’t find any paper towels in the bathroom? We provide cotton hand towels to help eliminate paper in the land fills.

Don’t worry, the toilet paper isn’t recycled!

We encourage you to bring a refillable water bottle with you to the studio and “fill up” at our hydro station. To date, Spotted Dog Yoga has helped eliminate waste from 59,327 disposable plastic bottles!


Come join us at Spotted Dog Yoga and let’s be Eco-Friendly together!


Play Hard • Love Big



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