Spring Cleaning

Oh, hello Spring. It’s so good to see you again. We have been waiting for you.

The equinox comes twice a year and it symbolizes transition and balance. Uniting.


As we are waking up from our winter slumber, it is time to let go of all the darkness and clutter and clean! We release what feels heavy and clear away all these mental, physical and emotional debris.

Control, anxiety, worthlessness, hurt, boredom, pain, exhaustion.

Just to name a few.

This challenges us to refocus our day to day efforts and reconnect to what matters most to us: goals, dreams, relationships, health and experiences.

How is your health? Are you happy?

How are your relationships? Do you feel connected?

How is your work? Does it feel empowering?

What can you do to be the best you?

Badass new years goals, its time to shine!

Maybe they are goals to enrich your knowledge, how to be a better partner, parent, friend, to take care of yourself, or to express yourself and open up.

And like many people maybe you have lost that connection to those badass goals, or maybe you forgot what they even were!

So when you think of spring and the Spring Equinox, think of your wellbeing, those goals you set months ago and come back to the person that you want to be. Meditate.

Plant the seeds of your hopes and dreams, cleanse the soil to make space and visualize your life in its highest potential-just like the world, when it blossoms into its fullest potential during Spring.


Play Hard • Love Big


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