A Break Down, an Explanation, an Open Forum. Learn Yoga does it all!

I had been practicing yoga for about a year and a half. Fully in love with the discovery of the capabilities of my body. An unsatiated desire to LEARN as much as I could about each of the poses and everything yoga!
There was a constant question in my practice, “Was I doing it right?” But after savasana, being so relaxed and calm, I could barely remember one of my many questions to ask the teacher following class.
My western education craving a space to break down each pose and ask, “Is this right?” I had taken two private lessons which had elevated my practice dramatically and relieved pain-points in my body but still I had so many questions!
“Where should I be feeling this?”
“Should my hand be here or here in halfway lift?”
“Where should my foot be?”
“How the heck are you supposed to transition from … to …?”
“Darn it! I want to shoot back to chatarunga – but how?”
I had the curiosity of a four year old wanting to explore my new yoga language and knowledge. I craved reassurance that I was on the right path.
Then during a 10 day fit dog challenge – the LEARN yoga workshop started. 
“Does it count towards the challenge?” I asked Nick. 
He thought a moment, “Yeah, sure.” 
I didn’t blink an eye and responded “Well ok – sign me up!”
The workshop was exactly what my western culture of learning craved. A break down, an explanation, an open forum to ask all my burning questions and share some of the things I had learned along my way.  A safe and wonderful space to discover and grow my practice. I left each session empowered and enormous trust building inside me.
My yoga practice had given me access to listen to my body and finally I was learning to trust and understand what my body was telling me. I could interpret the many sensations.
“Oh that burn – that’s good!”
“That sting – yeah not so much!”
“My breath is a tool to leverage and find new levels of the pose”
A new freedom opened up on my mat and in my life. Trusting my body and mind – together. For so long the two seemed separate sometimes working at odds – almost fighting with one another. I had a new peace in my running – when to keep going and when to pause, rest and heal. I had all the information I needed – the really amazing discovery was that I had all the information I needed before the workshop. The true gift wasn’t all the answers and information, it was giving me the power to have trust in myself.
Emily Kendall
SDY Teacher

Play Hard • Love Big


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