Community Feature: Price and Bonnie Walker

Price and Bonnie Walker have been practicing at Spotted Dog Yoga since the day it opened. They call themselves the “fogi yogis” of SDY and embrace the warmth and acceptance of our young community. They are legally Robert and Angela Walker- so they answer only to their nicknames Price and Bonnie. If you know their legal names- you are probably a tax collector.

Married for 34 years, and residents of Folsom for over thirty they have raised three children here, none of whom stayed in the area. Elizabeth, 32 and her husband Daniel have been in New York for three years and are moving to Atlanta in October. Cat married her college sweetheart Dustin this summer and they live and work in La Jolla. William, their “grand finale” took the California Bar exam in July and practices law in Los Angeles. Price and Bonnie do not understand how raising children in the suburbs created city dwelling adults and warn all of you young parents that empty nesting is a real thing. However, they are very close to all their children and talk to them everyday and stalk them on Instagram.

Price is a shameless “Dead Head” and Bonnie is proud to be a “disco queen from the 70’s.” But they found their common love in Beach Rock and Jimmy Buffet. Having gone to over 60 concerts over 30 years from California to New York. Including a memorable night at the Golden One Center with Nick and Katie. Price is waiting for a Margaritaville “Hair of the Dog.”

Price is a land developer and has worked for Elliott Homes here in Folsom for nearly 30 years. A Fan(atic) of all sports, soccer, baseball and football, he was a marathon runner for 30 years until a back injury sidelined him. He still coaches a youth little league team each Spring, and manages multiple fantasy teams.

As a 7 th grade English teacher at Folsom Middle School Bonnie has been teaching young adults how to read and write for 20 years. She is a National Board Certified Teacher and a SCOE mentor for new teachers. When she is not practicing yoga, writing poetry, or hiking the Sierras with Price she volunteers at their church.

Originally introduced to yoga through their daughter Cat, a yoga teacher, they practiced at another studio in Folsom before following Nick and Katie to SDY. Price finds being on his mat is the one time of the day he can empty his brain and fully relax his body through a challenging a workout. They believe it “is always better together” and their favorite class is one they can turn toward each other in fetal position and smile.

Bonnie has thought about Teacher Training for over a year and finally realized the right time is now. “I realized, ‘It’s not about wanting to teach, it’s about wanting to learn. I want to grow my own practice and Teacher Training can do that.’” If anyone is thinking of doing Teaching Training I say, don’t wait until you think you are “worthy” or “good enough.” If you are thinking about it you are ready.

Price supports Bonnie’s decision because he “never wants to hold her back. If she wants this I want it. I know Bonnie will be great.” She is a natural teacher anyway. She is passionate about SDY and yoga. When my back heals I want her to get me into a wheel.” At this time Price says he isn’t looking toward Teacher Training, but Bonnie says, “never say never.”

We ADORE these two love birds! Thank you Price and Bonnie for bringing so much joy to our community!

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