Creating Your Yoga Pre-game


How you prepare for your yoga class can change your entire experience.  Here are 3 tips and ideas on how you can tailor your yoga pre-game routine.

  1. Set your schedule.  We could hold your hand through your yoga journey or you can take responsibility for your results. A consistent yoga practice will change your life! It will change the way that you feel and the the way that you see the world.  See if your studio has a mobile app where you can login and sign up for your weekly classes early.  Spotted Dog Yoga has a free mobile app for iTunes and Android.  We recommend that every student uses it to sign up early for their classes.
  2. Eat nourishing foods, drink plenty of water and get plenty of sleep.  We’re not talking about shoving food and water down 30 minutes before class, we are talking about preparing long before you roll your mat out.  Practicing in the morning?  Eat earlier in the evening, drink plenty of fluids and get a good night sleep.  Practicing mid-day or in the evening time? Fuel yourself consciously throughout your day!
  3. Show up early.  Running into yoga at the last minute is sometimes the only option that we have, but consider scheduling time to show up early to your yoga studio. We recommend 10-15 minutes early.  This gives you the opportunity to calmly change your clothes, fill your water bottle, set up your mat, connect with your community, do a few stretches and relax a little bit before class begins.  Starting with a more relaxed mindset will help your practice go by that much smoother.

What are some things that you do to prepare you for your upcoming yoga practice?? Please share with us in the comments section below!


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