Making an Impact! FLC head coach Donny Ribaudo

At Spotted Dog Yoga, we are inspired when we see individuals or organizations who are making a BIG difference here in our Folsom community! We want you to meet Donny Ribaudo, Folsom Lake College Women’s Soccer Coach and Physical Education & Health Instructor. Donny is originally from Folsom and loves living here because of the ease of taking trips to the beach or mountains, running on all of the amazing trails in and around Folsom and most of all being close to his family here in the Sacramento Valley! Engaged this past spring, Donny spends free time with his fiancé Natalie and their two Bernese Mountain Dogs, Loki and Osha.

Donny was hired on at Folsom Lake College in February of 2013, women’s soccer was the FIRST team sport on campus. FLC now has 9 sports on campus and Donny just started his 5th season with the program. For Donny, the most rewarding part of being the head coach at Folsom Lake is watching the development of the student athletes. The program is focused on academic, athletic and personal development by creating a healthy but competitive environment that breeds success! Donny is very proud of what the program has accomplished in such a short period of time. They have won 4 conference titles in a row and participated in the CCCAA State Tournament 4 years in a row. In 2016, they advanced to the final four and had 8 players earn scholarship for over 113K in grant and aide. Over the last 3 years 18 players moved on to the university level as the program has also excelled in the classroom with a 3.0 average team GPA. Donny recommends FLC for the local student athlete because it’s affordable and you receive priority registration to complete your general education! They focus on developing elite athletes that can compete at the university level. The coaching staff is young, fun, well educated and they put an emphasis on player development.

Donny incorporates yoga into the training for his program by scheduling team sessions at Spotted Dog Yoga. He believes developing range or motion and flexibility is important for all athletes. His athletes have also learned how to maintain focus, balance and self-awareness. The team enjoys stepping away from the soccer field and getting a chance to relax and focus on themselves. It’s great way for the team to manage the stresses of school, soccer and work. Donny is a huge supporter of Spotted Dog Yoga! He appreciates what Nick and Katie have created for the community and loves that the staff is enthusiastic, friendly, and knowledgeable.

Catch a game at FLC! The women’s soccer team plays every Tuesday and Friday. Check out the schedule at

Donny Ribaudo Head Coach Women's Soccer Folsom Lake College


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