Meet SDY Teacher Jillian Clark


Meet Jillian Corwin Clark, one of our fantastic teachers who was born and raised here in Folsom! Jillian’s top 5 favorite things about Folsom are: gorgeous bike trails, its growing diversity, its close proximity to Tahoe and the beach, its historical value and its family friendly environment. Jillian has been married to her husband, Danny, since 2012 though he was her childhood sweetheart as they first met in Kindergarten. They have a 3-year-old daughter named Halle and value family, community and love above all else. You’ll often find them riding bikes, doing house projects, playing in Tahoe and building Legos and forts. They describe themselves as simple and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Aside from yoga, Jillian’s hobbies include DIY home improvement, interior design, photography, reading, quality journalism and watching Netflix. She has been skydiving over the Swiss Alps, lived in London for a short time and attended college there, danced pre-professional ballet throughout most of her childhood/early adulthood and used to live 2 doors down from Nick and Katie.

Jillian has been practicing at SDY for over 2 years and is most inspired about teaching at SDY because of the students. Through her yoga practice, Jillian has discovered that she often worries too much about what people think, which gets in the way of her authenticity. She has realized that she has so much potential to connect with others and really shine when she is truly being herself. Jillian feels most grounded and present when she moves her body and breath simultaneously. She was a dancer many years ago, and yoga is the next best vehicle through which she feels present and alive.

Jillian loves SDY and calls it home because of the community and fun! She thanks each and every one of you for giving her the freedom to be herself and lead from her heart! Join Jillian for “Learn Yoga” starting Tuesday 8/15!

We love Jillian for her dedication to creating community at SDY! Her passion for teaching inspires us to share this yoga practice with as many people as possible!

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