“Don’t think…just DO!” Meet SDY student Maribel


Meet Maribel! She is originally from Fremont, CA but has lived in Folsom for about 15 years. She and her husband, Bret, have been together 20 years and have three children…16 year old Camila, 13 year old Mateo and 9 year old Emilio. Maribel is an interior designer for a super-cool architecture firm in downtown Sac and she teaches a class at Sacramento State. She is certain that yoga gave her the confidence to take the chance with both of these gigs.


Maribel has been practicing with us at Spotted Dog Yoga for a little over 2 years. She saw the studio being built out and it drew her in like a magnet. She had been having a difficult time finding motivation to work out, was out of shape and in a funk.

Maribel scoured the SDY website for about a week for clues on what to bring and what to expect and finally got the nerve to just show up, pay $20 for 21 days and try to make as many classes as possible. She was hooked after that! Though not initially ideal with her family and 2 jobs, the early morning classes are perfect for her schedule and she has seen more sunrises in the last 2 years than in all her life! Maribel says that “early morning yoga is the best” and feels that it’s a really magical way to start her day—grounded, present and breathing.

Yoga helps her put things into perspective and to not take every little thing so seriously. Big shifts have happened in Maribel’s life because she has taken action instead of “over thinking.” She is always asking herself now “what’s the worst thing that can happen?” and she has done things she never would have tried and didn’t have the nerve to do before. The mental aspect of yoga has been the most impactful. Don’t overthink things and take action, it’s a fact that things will happen! In addition, all of the physical things you read about yoga have happened for Maribel: reduced stress, increased flexibility, muscle tone and strength.

Maribel’s favorite thing about Spotted Dog Yoga is that she ALWAYS feels welcome when she walks in the door at…like Norm from the show “Cheers”!

Our favorite thing about Maribel is her dedication to her practice and the community at SDY! We are so grateful that she decided to take a chance on us two years ago!


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