5 Reasons Why Learning to Assist Yoga is a Valuable Investment!


This weekend is the assistant program at Spotted Dog Yoga. “Connect” Assistant Program is one of our favorite programs to facilitate! Learning to assist in yoga is an incredible experience that teaches us valuable tools that we can use in our every day life!

Check out these five reasons why learning to assist is a valuable investment:

  1. FOUNDATION: Expanding our yoga practice requires that we consistently revisit and explore our foundation. This program is your next step in taking your yoga practice to the next level!
  2. NEW PERSPECTIVE: Sometimes we learn the most about ourselves through our experiences with others. Learning to look, listen and give tools through assisting will open up a whole new world for you!
  3. CONNECTION: Spotted Dog Yoga was created with connection in mind. Creating the time to be around great people can offer you the opportunity to develop lifetime friendships!
  4. SERVICE: After the completion of “Connect: Assistant Program,” you have the opportunity to jump on the floor as an assistant at Spotted Dog Yoga. There is really no better feeling than helping people take their practice to a new level!
  5. CONFIDENCE & SELF EXPRESSION: The programs we offer at Spotted Dog Yoga don’t just improve your yoga practice. Through this program, you will do self-inquiry that will give you insight into areas of your life where you can create space for something new!

We have plenty of space left for this wonderful program!  Join us this weekend!



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