Upgrade Your Yoga Experience

Choosing the right yoga mat and yoga accessories will make a huge difference for you and your yoga practice.  If you haven’t already noticed, at Spotted Dog Yoga, we are BIG fans of Manduka brand mats and mat towels.

Here are 3 reasons why selecting a Manduka brand mat will enhance your yoga experience for years to come:

  1. Lifetime Warranty*. After purchasing your Manduka Pro or Manduka Pro Light mat, get excited about the fact that you will have it for life! You will like it so much that you may end up buying another color! *The lifetime warranty for Manduka mats is available if the mat is purchased from an authorized dealer like Spotted Dog Yoga!
  2. Thickness and Density. Sore joints? These mats give you the ultimate balance of softness and firm to protect your joints. Breaking in these mats is a whole lot like breaking in a pair of running shoes. Over time you will notice that they get better and better.
  3. Non Absorbant.  Let’s face it, when you are doing hot yoga, you are going to sweat a lot.  Imagine if your yoga mat collected all of that sweat over a long period of time.  Then imagine breathing deeply in and out of your nose directly over the accumulated sweat.  Enough said!  Manduka mats are non absorbent and easy to clean so that every time that you jump on your mat, you’re assured a stink free ride.

When you start to sweat you are going to want to grab a Yogitoes or Equa mat towel!  A mat towel is light weight and non slip to give you extra grip when you start to sweat. Yogitoes and Equa mat towels are most effective when you slide them over the top of a wet yoga mat.

During your introductory period at Spotted Dog Yoga, you’ll have the opportunity to ride a rental Manduka yoga mat for free!  Also, for your very first class, enjoy a free mat towel rental on us!

After your first class, we recommend that you purchase a mat towel or two, but if you aren’t ready to purchase we also rent them for $4.00 per visit.

Don’t want the extra laundry?  Add on towel service to your membership!  For $15.00 extra per month, you get one each hand towel, bath towel, and mat towel per visit to the DOG!

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