Back to School for Grownups

For many people a new year represents a new start, an opportunity to begin again, a time to disrupt business as usual. To me, fall offers that very same opportunity. Maybe it’s the memories of my own new school supplies and the excitement that came with meeting your teacher and entering a different classroom. Although my kids always complained about summer coming to an end, there was the same kind of excitement for them. But as grownups, unless you’re a teacher, you don’t get the back to school experience (and for teachers it’s way different than it is for students, I would guess).

Back To School For Adults

This year I intend to treat the day after Labor Day as my own personal reset date and I hope you’ll do the same. This weekend I’ll revisit some goals I set at the end of SDY’s Teacher Training and identify specific actions I can take to move closer to what I want the most. Then I’ll have two weeks of gentle implementation, which enables me to further refine whatever I’ve committed to. For example, in a perfect world I would practice yoga and get 20,000 steps every day. But experience has told me I’m setting myself up for failure if that’s what I’m aiming for, because that just doesn’t work for me. Those kinds of issues can be worked out during those two weeks.

Come Tuesday, September 8th, it’s time to get serious. And the timing of this school year new year is beautiful, because it gives some structure and weight to your commitments at a time when it’s just so easy to lose steam as the days get shorter and the weather more unpredictable (can we get some rain please?) and staying in bed becomes more appealing than ever. Another great thing is that staying disciplined in the months leading up to the holidays means you won’t start the calendar new year with big sweeping changes that need to be made.

If any of your commitments have to do with healthier eating, consider signing up for Christine Ice’s “Rejuvenate and Reset: 5 Days to Vibrant Health” class at Spotted Dog on Saturday, September 12th. In the two-hour seminar, you’ll learn how cleansing and detoxing your body will revitalize and start you on a path to more vibrant health. The seminar will be followed by five days of mindful yogic eating, based on a foundation of fresh, organic, beautiful foods. Your health coach, Christine, will provide daily check-ins and support to keep you on track. This process will remove toxins from your liver and colon, fire up your digestive energy, boost your immune system, and increase mental focus and clarity.

That’s my plan. So who’s with me? I’ll post some of my commitments in the Comments section, and I’d love it if you’d post yours too.

See you on the mat.


Owner/Blogger Leslie Gandy Yoga and Fitness

Leslie Gandy


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