5 Tips for “Summer Yoga Body” Challenge!

Summer Yoga Body (or SYB) was created as a way to help you create a foundation and stay committed to your yoga practice during the busy summer months. What we have noticed since we started practicing yoga is that it is harder to stay committed to healthy choices, like yoga, during the summer because there are so many fun things going on. A lot of people step away from their yoga practice during the summer and return in the fall, struggling to get back into the rhythm. In order to move forward as a community, it is essential that we stay committed to doing the work as individuals. This July, we invite you to take on this great opportunity to build a solid foundation in your practice so that you can move into the fall on top of your game. Here are five tips to help you get the most out of your SYB experience:


1) Commit. Sign me up NOW!  “Commitment is what transforms a promise into a reality.” ~Abraham Lincoln. If you commit to Summer Yoga Body, we promise to help you reach your personal health goals! Be a YES and sign yourself up NOW!

2) Join forces! Get your friends involved…everything is more fun when you do it with the people that you love. Plus, your friends will thank you for the gentle kick in the ass this program will provide. Whether you are brand new to yoga or have been practicing for years, this program will set you up for success!

3) Make a plan. Create your SYB class schedule NOW! Download Spotted Dog Yoga’s free mobile app for iPhone or Android. On our mobile app you can book classes early, add reminders for the classes you have scheduled to your calendar, and invite your friends every time that you come to class!

4) Hold yourself accountable. Yesterday you said tomorrow. NOW is the time to make the changes you want for yourself. If not now, WHEN? If not you, WHO?

5) Share your success! Every time that you show up for one of your 21 classes in July for SYB, check in at Spotted Dog Yoga on Facebook and share your progress with your peeps!

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