Why are they touching me? (aka More About Assisting)


As we introduce assistants into our Power Yoga Basics and Power Yoga All classes, you may wonder, “how do they know just what to do to get me deeper into this pose?” or on a more basic level, “why are they touching me?”

Connect: Assistant Program

The assisting program, as with all things Spotted Dog, is carefully crafted to enhance your yoga practice. Assistants complete our 20-hour training and then do practice assisting until they and we are confident in their assisting skills. Only then are they ready to come into a class and assist you.

Assistants are taught to observe the student, listen to the instructor, and then give tools to the student for a more powerful yoga experience. Different assists will be used on each and every student. Let’s say you’re wobbly in dancer pose. (I am wobbly in each and every balancing pose, so this is an easy example to illustrate!) An assistant might stand in front of you and place their palm out for you to stabilize your hand on. With this assist to strengthen the foundation of the pose, you will feel the deep opening in your shoulders and hips that dancer can provide.

If you’re someone with an injury or have an area that is best left untouched, you can just shake your head no and our assistants will respectfully honor your request. We encourage you to stay open to being assisted as it can help you take your practice to a whole new level.

If you’re a SDY regular, you won’t want to miss our Connect: Assistant Program, June 12 – 14. Your yoga practice will be transformed as you gain alignment knowledge and experience a deeper understanding of your own body. This program will give you tools to refine the mastery of direct, powerful, and informative assists.

On a personal note, I completed Connect: Assistant Program with Spotted Dog in November and it was the best assisting program I’ve done. (I’ve taken 3 assisting programs with different studios. What can I say? I love to learn!) Leslie



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